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Lucky Rainbow Wishing Maze


The luck that rainbows are supposed to bring inspired Yanito Freminoshi’s Lucky Rainbow Wishing Maze which is part of his lucky maze art project. Gazing “somewhere over the rainbow” and making a wish is said to bring luck but if you’re working on one of Freminoshi’s Lucky Mazes you’ll need to solve the Maze to collect your luck. Participants in the the No Rights Reserved Free Mazes Project explore Freminoshi’s belief that, as you work toward completing the fun Maze art, you become a partner in creating your own luck. Freminoshi’s wishing mazes are said to replace old superstitions through a fun, modern activity. It’s not easy to solve the maze but if you solve it on your own, your luck is likely to increase. You can also check out the MAZE SOLUTION or click the QR code but that negates the power that the maze has to bestow good fortune on you.


rainbow maze

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