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Online slots are a great place to look if you wish to study world trends. The online slots feature the most popular or iconic movies, pop stars, fashion trends, sports trends and even which historical periods most interest people. On top of that, the truly technologically innovative slots demonstrate the latest in design and technology advancements. Some slots games are now interactive, allowing players to choose the bonus games or even build the slot themselves. Some slots games are a natural extension of a popular movie with movie clips interspersed into the slot game whilst other slots games are produced using a complete original and creative theme. With all of this modernity and up to the minute trends it is refreshing to begin playing slots games in a more traditional setting. For me, this is in the kitchen of my apartment after having just done a virtual maze online (solve the maze below and check the solution HERE). I always make sure to combine my slots game session with some TLC for my cat. The cat is always happy to comply and will jump up onto my lap as soon as my gaming session begins. Although it is not surprising to see how many different slots themes there are seeing as most online casinos carry hundreds of different slots games, even I was surprised to discover the numbers of animal themed slots there actually are. Needless to say the bird’s themed slots are my cats’ absolute favorite, he watches the screen completely transfixed every time I play. The great delight that my cat displays when I play the bird themed slots game is part of the reason that one of my all time favorites is the Lucky Eggsplorer game from Microgaming with its comical rooster  and the adorable chickens from around the world.

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