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Cats, online mazes and casino games

For decades animal behaviorists have known that dogs are colour-blind but recently some researchers started to wonder whether cats are also colour-blind. In order to answer that question, researchers presented cats with a variety of images, both coloured images and black and white images. They were surprised to see that the cats showed as much interest in black and white images as they did when viewing coloured images. The researchers decided to show the cats images of mazes. They reasoned that the clear lines of a maze would act as a control, allowing the cat under study to show clear interest in either a coloured maze or a black and white maze. The research project progressed when the cats were showed coloured mazes and they reacted with interest. When the cats were presented with some of the maze art of Yanito Freminoshi, researchers were surprised to see that the cats’ reaction was identical to their reaction to the coloured mazes. The cats pawed the screen, with no difference between the coloured mazes and the black and white mazes. Some of the funny cats even seemed to be trying to trace the maze path. In conclusion, researchers determined that, since the reaction among the cats was the same, regardless of whether they were looking at black and white mazes or coloured mazes, cats are, probably, colour blind.  It’s clear, however, that cats react more to moving images. That’s why gamers generally like to have their cat  their on their lap when playing mobile casino games. When playing at a mobile casino, the gamer enjoys a superior gambling experience that includes visual displays and cues. Some cats even bat at the symbols on the screen as though they were seeing a mouse – even more entertainment for the cats.  The visual attraction of the casino is one of the highlights for gamers but the high quality gaming experience comes from the games’ interactive features and engaging themes. One the mobile casino highlights involves the slots which combine gambling challenges with dynamic image-rich entertainment. Some of the slot machines’ interactive features include free spins, wild symbols, scatter icons, rolling reels, gamble games, multipliers, stacked reels, exploding symbols, 243 Ways to Win and more. Both the online or mobile casinos give you the chance to spend quality time with your cat as he enjoys his own casino event while he sits on your lap.

cat enjoy the weekend

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