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Free Mazes, Yanito Freminoshi and No Rights Reserved

No rights are reserved for Yanito Freminoshi’s mazes and you can now seize it and enjoy it as much as you want! The reason these mazes are available for free is that they have been created as part of the free mazes project and no charges apply on those who wish to use them. Therefore, you can be confident you will have all the opportunities to use and enjoy them as you wish! The mazes have already been exhibited in museums and galleries and are therefore considered as great maze art by many people. If you are a mazes – lover, you can surely relate to this – all the people who see themselves as mazes lovers tell they have come across his work by now. Surely, there is a great reason for that.

Are you able to find the exit from this maze with a dog? Try and check the solution here!

maze by freminoshi

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