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# 1 Online Casino Tip: Dabble in maze games and adult coloring pages to optimize the win rate.  

If your first reaction is ‘huh’… read on.  We all know the law of attraction that states positive actions beget positive reactions.  In simple terms, this means that achieving a positive mind-set can enhance the odds of achieving positive results.  So, if you intend improving the payout rate at one of the top online casinos featuring Microgaming software, we urge you to work on your frame of mind shortly before putting your wagers on the table.

This may sound more difficult than it actually is.  We’re not suggesting you learn game strategies, or go to a shrink to get the affirmative vibe on.  Simply tackle a maze puzzle or invest in a book featuring coloring for grown ups and you’ll be in better shape to gamble on online casino games and win.  The premise is that by unlocking the brain from the serious stuff, freeing the mind to focus on one simple task and engaging the fine motor skills, you’ll instantly feel strong, refreshed and upbeat.  Transfer these affirmative attributes to your gambling sessions and you’re likely to win more than you lose! Solve this maze! Find the solution here!

online Casino Maze

#2 Online Casino Tip: Find mazes and adult coloring apps for fast results.

If you can’t get to the bookstore or your daily newspaper no longer features maze puzzles, pop in at the Google Play or Apple store on your digital device for instant gratification.  There are literally dozens of cool mobile apps dedicated to these runaway trends.  Standout adult coloring apps include Colorfy and Pigment, sophisticated multilayered masterpieces with hundreds of black and white graphics and a wide choice of color applicators and color palettes.  They are free to install and you can easily share your unique art work with family and friends in-app!

If mazes are your thing, search for humdingers such as the 60-stage My Maze Puzzle Craze; the continuous maze designed Labyrinth Puzzles, or The Maze Runner, a spectacular game featuring dark cinematic imagery, intuitive touch controls, in-app purchases and daily rewards.  Furthermore, you can get a fine combination of the two genres in an ever increasing collection of maze art or coloring maze puzzles.  The World Wide Web, for one, features great op art styled mazes by Japanese graphic designer, Yanito Freminoshi!

#3 Online Casino Tip: Experiment with no risk game play.

If you’re not convinced as to the efficacy of indulging in simple tasks prior to hitting the top casinos, why not give it a bash in a risk-free setting.  You’ll find the best Microgaming casinos offer new players a no deposit bonus and/or free spins so that they can explore the site, its services and games menu.  You are entitled to use these free offers as a bonus bankroll and even retain any winnings once you’ve registered a real money account and satisfied the wagering requirements!  Go on; give it your best shot and you may be surprised by the game results!  

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