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Internet memes are a relatively recent development in the Internet world but since the time that memes  – content that spreads online from user to user – were introduced, funny cat memes have been one of the most popular types of memes. Cat memes generally have three elements – the behavior, the ideal and the manifestation. Since memes are replicated, looking at these elements shows the migration and evolution of each meme as well as the categorization of the meme. High fidelity static cat memes are simply funny and enjoyable while remixed memes that are replicated via evolution, transformation or adaption facilitate a different kind of thought process. For many years psychologists ignored memes, assuming that looking at cat memes, caricatures and funny GIFs were a passing phase, but today it’s clear that the phenomena is here to stay, and this has forced mental health professionals to take a second look at these types of images and consider how they help people adapt and evolve.caricature of Kylie Minogue

Research indicates that looking at celebrity caricatures, memes and GIFs relaxes a person, allowing him to meditate on the images in order to become more focused in his online casino for real money gaming pursuits. If an individual simply jumps into the real money online casino and starts playing without preparing for the event, he won’t be able to make focused, reasoned decisions and won’t enjoy the optimal level of success. This is true regardless of whether the player has signed in to play at the casino on his laptop or desktop PC or on his smartphone or tablet mobile device. It’s not necessary to prepare to play all of the casino games in the same way – some games, including the slots games and the online lotteries, are completely dependent on game luck, so it doesn’t really matter whether the player has prepared himself before he starts playing. For other games however, such as blackjack and poker card games and table games of craps, baccarat and roulette, player luck is combined with an element of gaming skills. So the more focused the player can remain during the gambling event, the better his chances of succeeding in his casino pursuits. Mental health professionals have identified other activities in which gamers can engage to bolster their powers of concentration, memory and eye-hand coordination. One of the main activities involves mazes which, researchers tell us, allow us to create an ecocentric cognitive map of our environment and find the most effective and efficient way to navigate that map. Maze enthusiasts can solve mazes using a number of strategies. These strategies include taking note of environmental cues and using visual, salient cues. For certain mazes, simple strategies, such as taking only right-hand turns, works. Try to solve the maza below! Click HERE for the solution. Some of the best mazes that online casino gamers can use to enhance their gambling event include block mazes, logic mazes, multi-cursal mazes, number mazes, multiple-connected mazes, planair mazes, weave mazes, uni-cursal mazes, simply-connected mazes and op art mazes which are found in special maze art books, magazines and Internet gaming sites.   

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