My fashion design course and my cat

I’m usually super excited about my fashion design course but I hated today’s class. The lecturer is an idiot, and his ideas are so old fashioned it’s not funny. So here I sit in my room in your typical student share house, still feeling disgruntled about the waste of time that was today’s class. I look at some cat memes, cute cat pics and videos of funny cats for a short while to cheer me up, before hitting the microgaming casinos.

My ‘Siamese’ cat Coco saunters over to me and sinuously winds herself around my legs a few times before settling down next to me. Coco isn’t really Siamese, of course: I got her from a shelter, and purebred cats never wind up on the streets; besides, I could never afford a real Siamese cat. She looks just like one, though, so there’s some naughty Siamese in her family tree. Coco is so graceful, elegant and stylish. When I finally start my own business I’m thinking of modelling my logo on her.

Coco pretends not to watch the computer screen while the logos of some of the top casinos and the advertisements for a no deposit bonus here or some free spins there flash by, but she doesn’t really mind. Perhaps she realises that a win at one of these microgaming casinos will help us both have a nicer lifestyle. As I’ve said, I love my course, but a student’s life isn’t full of luxury. I want to buy nice close sometimes, and I can’t be expected to survive solely on two minute noodles. Coco needs her treats, too; she’s got a natural predilection for the finer things in life, despite her somewhat humble beginnings. I do have the obligatory part time waitressing job, of course, and I try to get some dressmaking clients if I can, but every extra dollar helps. This is where the best microgaming casinos come in. I do have to watch my money, so I always look out for promotions like a no deposit casino bonus or free spins, and these are most frequently found at the best online casinos. This way I get the most chances of winning at the least expense.

Coco and I sit in companionable silence while I play, and occasionally I stroke her silky coat. This is a sign of approval from her; my cat despises cat memes and treats so-called funny cats that inundate the Internet with utter disdain. To her, all cats willing to forego their dignity in public are totally lacking in self respect, and therefore despicable traitors to catkind. If Coco catches me looking at any such things, she walks off rather demonstratively with her nose – and tail – in the air.

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I win a small amount of money thanks to a no deposit bonus at one of the best online casinos. It’s a start. I check that Coco has enough food and water, change into my waitressing uniform and head out to the cafe for my shift.

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