Mazes, cat memes and coloring for grown ups

Why are mazes, cat memes and coloring for grown ups popular activities for online casino real money gamers? That’s a question that has been puzzling gaming experts who note that, in studies and polls, many players report that they engaged in these types of pursuits before they start playing casino games for real money prizes.  It turns out that many gamblers have discovered that these types of activities help them to concentrate on their casino games, and that the clear focus has a positive impact on the decisions that they make as they play. Working on mazes is probably the most pursued pre-gaming activity. Participants report that after they complete a maze – sometimes within days or even within hours after they work on a maze – they feel more alert and can concentrate more clearly on the task at hand. Some maze aficionados enjoy the challenge of working on a maze. Others read studies which demonstrate that doing a maze facilitates expansion of brain receptors and promotes better cognitive functioning. Doing mazes is a preferred pre-gambling preparation for many online casino real money gamers but others choose a less high-energy activity such as coloring for grown ups. Win averages also increase for players who complete coloring pages before they enter their casino account. Coloring for adults goes beyond “coloring in the lines” and promotes relaxation and reduction of stress – important in preparing for gambling activities. For those whose goal involves simple relaxation,  watching funny videos or looking at online cat memes has proven to boost casino success.

coloring page with maze

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