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The Place of Cats in Our Lives

Cats can be very significant in creating the level of happiness in our lives. Although a lot of things can make a person happy, such as volunteering in different places, helping other people, contributing to the society and so on, in turn out that the presence of a cat in a person’s life is almost essential in order to create a happy life. After long researches done in this area, researchers concluded that the cats have a soothing effect on a person. Other than that, it seems that the cats can create a passion for solving mazes in their owners. The funny cats, apparently, make the owner feel relaxed and even powerful and due to that the owner wishes to fulfill his potential as soon as possible. The experienced gamers already know they can turn to Yanito Freminoshi’s mazes which are considered as maze art, to all opinions. These mazes are presented for free online, a fact that makes it a whole lot easier for the solvers to download, print and solve everything in a matter of seconds. At the end of the day, nothing can stop the average solver once he understands he wants to enjoy a Yanito Freminoshi’s maze! In addition to that, once you start solving these mazes, you can quickly understand not only the cats are responsible for the level of happiness in your life. A mobile casino, or multiple mobile casinos which you can access to at any given moment will let you enjoy many slots games which will make your days and nights much brighter and better. From the very first moment you start solving the mazes, you will surely be able to feel the difference. A lot of players report on a daily basis how their life got so much better once they started solving the mazes, ad in case you follow their steps your success in life will be virtually guaranteed. Don’t let some worthless things stop you in your way to prosperity. From the moment you conclude you want to be the very best version of yourself, you better take upon yourself commitment to start solving mazes each and every day. If you are still wondering which maze would be best for you, only ask yourself what kind of drawing would make you the happiest. Search for that one. Since thousands of mazes are available online, you will fund for sure what you are looknig for.
funny cats meme with salmon

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What motivates you in life? How can be mazes and cats connected to each other?

Motivation is the most powerful thing a person can have in order to achieve his or her goals in life. Once you have enough motivation, you become unstoppable, and you can be, do, or have anything you want in life. There are a few sorts of motivations in life, and you also want to use the right sort of motivation for you. Some people have motivation that is connected to a dream or wish they have, while others have a motive for action, which is a reason to change their daily routines and behaviors. If you really want to create a difference in your habits, the first step you want to take is to understand what can motivate you to change the actions you are taking and will be taking. If, for example, you have a very good reason to decide you will do from now on only the things that make you feel good in life, you will keep on taking this path for a very long time. People who have a reason to feel good, to be happy, to enjoy their lives, go and find the things they love, and do them repeatedly, over and over again. Once you have a motive, all you need is to understand what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. If you already know it is time for you to enjoy your life and to have some fun, you may be asking yourself what makes you truly happy. Maybe, for example, you are one of those people who find a deep sense of joy, by solving mazes day in and day out. No matter if you already know you are a part of the mazes solvers community, or you simply want to get started, a very good place to go to would be the collection of mazes made by Yanito Freminoshi. His mazes are for free, and have No Rights Reserved. The mazes can be printed and used all time and from all places around the globe, so feel free to use them for your own purposes and as much as you want. In addition to that, you would probably like to enjoy your life in additional ways to solving mazes. A very common thing people who solve mazes do as well is playing the pokies games. The pokies gamblers suggest looking for “online slots in Canada “or” Canadan online slots, since these terms tend to bring back a lot of relevant games results (in contrary to the “online pokies” which doesn’t bring backing as many good results. Another thing suggested to the gamers is to have a cat. Although cats are not easily imported to Canada because of the different species existing in the continent, you can certainly become one of the very lucky gamblers who have a cat. It is really fun to play the online pokies games alongside your cat, and it is even better to solve a maze before, after and even during the pokies games alongside your cat. Finally, the only thing you want to remember is to have FUN! After all, that is the major purpose of everything.

funny cats play cards


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Online pokies games and free mazes

You live in Canada and you’re trying to figure out how to entertain yourself today. This is no problem. First, pull out a maze and get to work. When you solve a maze (try to solve the maze below and check the solution here) , you are using your mind in so many ways and really challenging yourself to think differently. You can find mazes in many places. They are available in books, online and through the newspaper. You can do them online or you can print them and have them in front of you. Now, once you’ve solved a maze it’s time to enjoy online slots in Canada. Yes, these are the same thing as the pokies that you love, but people have started to call them slots a lot since they get weird results when they search online for pokies. So, as you enjoy Canadan online slots, you can curl up with your cat and really enjoy. And if you’re lucky enough to have a cat, you should definitely spend time with him while you work on that slots games. In Canada, it’s actually hard to import cats, so if you’re one of the lucky ones who has one, enjoy every minute. The online pokies games that you’ll play are so much fun and really this is all about enjoying yourself and having a blast. And you can do all of this for free as well. If you check out the mazes from Yanito Freminoshi, you’ll see that they are free for all types of use. Then, you can go to the online pokies games and play these for free as well. All of this adds up to an awesome way to have fun anytime of the day or night and a great way to get your mind going in Canada with the mazes and then to have even more fun with the online pokies games you want to love.

meditation maze


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Online slots

Online slots are a great place to look if you wish to study world trends. The online slots feature the most popular or iconic movies, pop stars, fashion trends, sports trends and even which historical periods most interest people. On top of that, the truly technologically innovative slots demonstrate the latest in design and technology advancements. Some slots games are now interactive, allowing players to choose the bonus games or even build the slot themselves. Some slots games are a natural extension of a popular movie with movie clips interspersed into the slot game whilst other slots games are produced using a complete original and creative theme. With all of this modernity and up to the minute trends it is refreshing to begin playing slots games in a more traditional setting. For me, this is in the kitchen of my apartment after having just done a virtual maze online (solve the maze below and check the solution HERE). I always make sure to combine my slots game session with some TLC for my cat. The cat is always happy to comply and will jump up onto my lap as soon as my gaming session begins. Although it is not surprising to see how many different slots themes there are seeing as most online casinos carry hundreds of different slots games, even I was surprised to discover the numbers of animal themed slots there actually are. Needless to say the bird’s themed slots are my cats’ absolute favorite, he watches the screen completely transfixed every time I play. The great delight that my cat displays when I play the bird themed slots game is part of the reason that one of my all time favorites is the Lucky Eggsplorer game from Microgaming with its comical rooster  and the adorable chickens from around the world.

online slots Falling Leaf Maz

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have fun with online pokies!

With online pokies, there is always something fun to do. It’s a given that when people get to the online slots sites they are going to have fun. They arrive at the sites because they want to play and enjoy, and with the games that they will find they will definitely find fun things to do. The online pokies  games offer so much variety and enjoyment that anyone can have a great time. They can play simple 3 reel games that will be fun to play and easy to understand. They can also decide, instead, to play a more elaborate game that includes things like 5 reel games and progressive games. This allows players to have a great time no matter what they decide that they want to do. And then, for even more fun, they can sit back and have a great time with these games on the go from their mobile. Players can play from any location where they find themselves as long as they have their phone and with their funny and loved cat!

online pokies with cat


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Maze of Horse Racing

yanito freminoshi puzzlillusion of race horses

Puzzlillusion Solutions HERE | Created by Yanito Freminoshi |  Maze + Spot the Difference Puzzle of Race Horses

Artwork created by Yanito Freminoshi for an online slots game by Microgaming called”Sure Win” – which has a horse racing theme to it. You can get a comprehensive list of slots games at All Slots Casino, ( )

Free Wallpaper of the Beach

Get Free Wallpapers of the Beach HERE!


beautiful free wallpaper of a sea sunset

Crashing waves free wallpaper


Your favorite thing to do in the morning is to sit on the porch with a steaming cup of coffee, the newspaper and your cat. Your cat is always the best way to start the day because she purrs in your ear and she makes you feel relaxed and happy. When you sit with your cat and look at the newspaper, the part of the paper that you most enjoy is checking out the astrology charts. When you look at the zodiac, you can see what type of day you will have, and this will set you in the direction of playing online slots games. When you look at the zodiac and see what it says about your luck, you can plan your day better. If the zodiac says that you have luck today, then you’re more likely to play the blackjack online games that you love and to have fun playing for real money today. If the zodiac says that luck is not on your side today, then you’ll hold back on playing the online blackjack games for real money and you’ll sit tight until you can see your zodiac again tomorrow. This is why the newspaper is so important for you each day.

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Great Online Slots Tips

As slots players evolve in their expectations and demands of their casino, the Canadian online casino evolves as well. Every month the casino offers more games, more bonuses, more special elements and more opportunities to experience a relaxing casino event at any time and from any location. The online casino of Canada is one of the fastest-growing casino venues in the world for both PC and mobile gamers. Home gamblers can log on to their casino account at any time of the day or night and play any of the casino’s hundreds of PC games in the Free Mode for free or in the Real Mode for real. To download the casino software into a gamer’s home computer, the player simply clicks “Download” on the casino’s homepage which enables him to open the casino within seconds on his PC console. Mobile gamers can also access their preferred games quickly and easily by signing into their regular casino account from their tablet or smartphone browser. After signing in, the competitor navigates to the mobile webpage where he enters his country of residence and his cell phone number. The casino sends him a text message immediately. Once he clicks on that text message he can start playing android casino games, ipad casino games or iphone casino games at his leisure. PC and mobile gamers can link their casino account to their online bank account to ensure a convenient transfer of deposit funds to the casino and withdrawals from the casino. Casino-supported online Canadian ebanks include paypal, instadebit, Click2Pay, Z, Skrill Moneybookers, UKash, paysafe, Eco, iDebit and Citadel Direct. Regardless of the place and time that an individual wants to play, the casino will be accessible 24/7 from all areas via WiFi and cellular connectivity. This means that gamblers can enjoy their favourite games whenever they have a few free moments – while sitting on the beach, traveling on the train, taking a work break or even while snuggling with the family cat on the back porch swing before bedtime. Some of the special casino enhancements available at the online casino include lucrative bonuses that allow the player to engage in his casino hobby for more time with no additional deposit. Some of the games have special features, particularly the online slots which offer elements such as 243 Ways to Win, Gamble Rounds, wild symbols, rolling reels, scatter icons, stacked wilds and more.

Sunset Sunrise Breakfast

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Zamboni Maze Puzzle Illusion

Yanito Freminoshi Zamboni Maze

Click MAZE IMAGE to view the Solution to the maze and the spot-the-difference

The roller coaster that you rode as a kid has the same influence on you as the mobile casino games do today. This may seem like a stretch – but it’s true. Think about it. When you rode on the roller coasters, you got a rush of excitement and a burst of energy. You should feel the blood going to your head and the screaming that you were making while the roller coaster rushed around and threw you for a loop. Now, as an adult, you can get these same feelings in a much more mature way as you play the mobile casino games. You’ll have that same rush of excitement with the ipad casino games and the same energetic feeling. You can feel the next turn coming in the road as you move from ipad casino roulette to blackjack and then rush over to online slots. And when you play for real money, all of this adds to the rush of excitement in your day and makes you feel like your head is going to zoom around the next curve. Doesn’t this sound like fun? Of course, when you’re done with your game, you might want to have a good cuddle with your cat to relieve the tension. But that’s what your cat is there for, right?

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