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Have you been interested in trying out the top online casinos?

Have you been interested in trying out the top online casinos but you’re not sure where to go and who to speak to? You probably have a lot of questions and aren’t even sure if it’s safe. Well, let’s talk about the best Microgaming casinos around which are among the top online casinos on the web. Microgaming, if you didn’t already know, is an industry leader in creating the games people like with the special subscriptions they may come with. This is a company which has been around for years and was there just when the online casino industry was getting it’s feet wet on the internet. It’s a company which has spent lots of time trying to make the games that people enjoy, learning from its experiences, and making new games that can be just as enjoyable as the classics. It uses themes from pop culture, history, film and many other places and it does not compromise on quality just to put out another game. This is software which has been designed specifically to tackle how people want to play and it’s safe meaning you don’t have to worry about your personal information being used by third parties or things like that from happening. Then there’s the special offers and promotions which Microgaming dishes out to it’s new customers. New users will usually be eligible for a variety of promotions which will help ease your way onto the road of online casinos. Some might be free spins, others the much sought after no deposit bonus, and still others are matches on the first few deposits made. These may occur on selected games so it’s important to read the details. At the same time that you’re getting all excited about what might be with the welcome packages which often amounts to free money, there also an thought towards solving mazes and coloring prior to jumping into a real money online casino experience. Yes, it may sound a bit bizarre but working on a maze may actually help you with  concentrating on what is real and how to manage sticky situations.

Earworm Maze casino online

When we were kids mazes were fun so why shouldn’t they be today? They built up in us a certain level of satisfaction because we’ve come so far so fast and that positive feeling is something to hold on to when searching for the right casino for you. Coloring for grown ups before playing real money games is the other choice. It’s more creative but still has some of that intellectual behavior that artist must keep in mind despite the visual element of it all. It’s not like you have to draw in front of someone else or show the piece to anyone, unless you think others will enjoy it and in turn that make you feel better. The most important thing is not to give up because there’s so much potential for so many things to go right out there. Let your luck and a little effort shine through.

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If you’re looking to play at some of the top online casinos

If you’re looking to play at some of the top online casinos you should know they are also the best Microgaming casinos. Microgaming is a company which is the leader in an industry of thousands of games which have been developed over the years. It’s tenure as the go-to game developer has never swayed and while some classics have come out of other companies, Microgaming is still the name to beat when it comes to having a great real money online casino experience. From the graphics to the soundtrack, to the overall feel of a Microgaming opportunity, this is the place you want to be clinging to and once you’ve made the decision where to play and which companies to access through a site, Microgaming will definitely be at the top of the list and stay there. And be advised, at the best Microgaming casinos you’ll be privy to some of the best offers in the online casino world including the famous no deposit bonus and a hoard of free spins, both of which will not just be presented once and then never return. On the contrary, these two promotions are staples of the Microgaming casino world and will surface time and time again, sometimes just when you need a little push to help you get over a trying moment. And if you are a new player you’ll be rewarded with some great matching bonus offers which will add up to lots of free cash if you make the deposits on time. New players should also take something important into consideration. It’s that there is a lot of talk going on about a way to get ahead when playing the games online and that’s to either spend time coloring or doing mazes, such as this one with solution. Now, if you are thinking about what coloring for grown ups must look like, it’s a lot like coloring for kids. You just sit down and start coasting with some paper and pencils, pens, marker, pastels, or whatever else you might decide to try this out with. The point is that coloring for adults can help foster greater creativity and release some of the tension that has been building up daily for years. You may not have the time or energy to go out for periodic jogs but if you’re wondering about how to get ahead with your relationships with the top casinos then this might just be one of the paths to take. Mazes can try and accomplish the same goals but from a slightly different angle. It may also help when it comes to advancing further up the ladder in the real money online game extravaganza. With the so many Microgaming casinos to choose from maze art is a boon.

online Good Times Maze

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Today is your day off

And that means that you can do whatever you want to do today and enjoy yourself in whatever way you want to do so. Now, some people would go shopping and others would sit at home eating ice cream (Yum!) but you have a specific routine of things that you like to do when you have time to yourself. Here is what the routine looks like. First, you always start off with another page in the coloring for grown ups book. The coloring book is vibrant and so much fun to look at and you feel great when you complete a page. The goal is to complete one page and solve the maze inside with solution a day and it always feels so fun when you see yourself accomplishing this goal. Now, another thing that you like to do on your day off is mazes. Each of the maze art pages that you can find online is filled with awesome ways to flex your mental muscle and to really think of new ways to escape from the maze. All of this is both entertaining and productive and it offers you a great way to enjoy yourself and to challenge yourself. Of course, you take time on your day off to hang out with your cats as well and to enjoy time with each cat. They are adorable and it’s always fun to enjoy time with them. When you want a giggle for a few minutes, you also check out the funny cats that you’ll find with the cat memes.

online  Hard To Look At Egg Maze coloring page

These cat memes are filled with amusement and they always make you giggle and have fun. Finally, you spend a good part of the day with the greatest activity that you have when you’re free. And that’s the no deposit online casino games. These games are so much fun and so filled with awesome ways to enjoy yourself with less risk than you would have with the real money online casino games. They are coloring and dynamic and they allow you to get to know the games without having to put any money into them. This takes the pressure off of the game playing and offers a way to have fun with less risk. All of these activities are an awesome way to have a great time on your day off. And you look forward to that one day a week, knowing that you’re going to have this great time to yourself.


Activities you can enjoy at home

There are few, if any, activities you can enjoy at home that are as riveting, exciting and potentially rewarding as playing online casino games on your PC.  Apart from instant accessibility to hundreds of unique games titles by the magicians at Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech and Betsoft, you can browse through multiple casino bonuses and claim the free cash, free spins or free bets with the click of a tab.  You can change your position within your home so as to follow the sun, or bank a buck or two without disturbing the resident cat which, in typical fashion, is curled up on your lap.  You can easily get into practice mode by finding solutions to the downloadable mazes designed by Japanese graphic designer, Yanito Freminoshi.  Alternatively, there’s always the option to dive into coloring for grownups, a laid back, activity that relaxes the fear center of the brain, enabling you to make calm, rational decisions in the midst of a game. Color this page and solve the maze inside! Find the solution here

online coloring page


Factor in progressive jackpots funded by players throughout a particular online casino network and you could be in line for big dollar wins that make national lotteries pale in significance.  You’ll bump into Superman, Wonder Woman and The Blade on the reels and have the option to go head to head with other gamblers in multiplayer games.  Once you’ve mastered the art of playing classic table games, you can visit the live dealer channel and dip into live action streamed in real-time from brick and mortar gambling destinations on the far side of the globe.  Best of all, you can achieve all this from the warmth and privacy of your own home!

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Before palying Canadan online slots you can enjoy mazes!

Not everyone likes to do the same types of things. Some people love being out on the town all the time and enjoying themselves with a lot of other people. Other people are home bodies and they would rather be curled up with their cats or doing something quiet. For the person who is introspective and would rather do something by themselves – here are a few ideas. First, you can enjoy mazes. People who like to be by themselves and enjoy doing something quiet will often enjoy the maze art of an artist like Yanito Freminoshi. These types of mazes are really fun and allow you to have a blast as you try to solve the maze and enjoy. You can do these on your computer or in a box or from a print out and you’ll have a blast as you see if you’re good enough to solve the mazes. Another idea is to turn on some music and get a good drink. Then curl up with your cat and enjoy some quiet time together. You’ll love doing this with your cats and enjoying the time together. Another idea is to enjoy online pokies. You may have an easier time finding these if you type in online slots in Canada, but you can also find them as online pokies. These are great games and they allow you to enjoy yourself and to see if you can hit the mark. You can play them in demo mode or for real money and see the fun that you’ll have as you do so. These are all ideas that allow you to do something quietly by yourself. Another idea of course is to enjoy yourself with a manicure or pedicure in the house. These are a great way (if you’re a girl of course) to have fun and do something for yourself.

Try to solve the  Wish Fountain Maze on your own or check the solution.

online fountain maze by freminoshi

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Choose your bonus for pokies games

The online casinos have only been around for the last twenty years. In the first number of years the market was dominated by a few large casinos, over the last few years there has been a huge increase in the online casinos and this has led to increased competition between the different sites. Players at the online casinos have profited greatly from this competition between the casinos as every casino is trying to constantly entice new players as well as make sure that their existing players do not leave and switch their loyalties to a different casino. One of the most effective ways casinos use to attract new players is to offer a very generous and enticing online casino bonus for joining the casino. Once the player has been drawn in by the offer, the casino supplies many additional casino bonus codes offering all kinds of additional promotions such as cashback, casino credit, opportunities to play in casino tournaments and many other awards. These online casino bonus codes are what make the online casinos so unique. Although the land based casinos always offer casino comps, these are usually offered to a select few players who are wagering very large sums at the casino. The online casino offers free casino bonus codes to all new players at the casino as well as offering plenty of additional incentives for players to continue playing and spending at the casino. As well as all of the great benefits that players receive for playing at the online casino, they can also play from the comfort and quiet of their own home in the company of their pets and family. Players at the online casino can sneak in a quick game whenever they have a free moment and benefit from all of the awesome bonuses that are available on any given day.

If you like casino and pokies games, try to solve the Hypnotic Cat Maze! It’a a free online game and you can check the solution  clicking here  or scanning for it.

online pokies at casino mazes

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Play Free Video Poker

Playing Free Video Poker is the best way to increase your ability and to practice the new and improved techniques. At we offer resourceful guides and links to assist you in gaining access to professional instruction and mentorship that you require to learn the fundamentals of this popular game. Play Online Video Poker at leading free casino sites and acquire the tools you need to become a successful player. By reviewing the tutorials available at, and trying the practice mode games, you can gain an insight into the processes and techniques involved to become the best Video Poker player.

Online Video Poker vs. Live Video PokerVideo Poker

Although the rules of the game on the online platform are similar to those applied to Live Poker Machines, there are more benefits to be gained if you Play Online Video Poker. The live game format involves physically inserting coins in the machine every time you want to play and carrying coins to the cashier in order to cash out. Free Video Poker dispenses the need for this sort of extensive change handling allowing you to transfer funds from your online casino account straight into the game. Play Free Video Poker games in the comfort of your own home and explore the free game offers to learn the games first before you invest your funds or wager for real money.

Benefits of Free Video Poker

Free Video Poker is a fast and easy way to learn, all you have to do is to visit a reputable casino site and follow the link that will lead you towards flash based or instant play games. Getting access to the free games and all the different variations allows you to practice the various betting strategies and get comfortable with the game. When you Play Online Video Poker you do not have to contend with the noise distractions typically found at most land-casino tables allowing you to focus on winning the game. Play Free Video Poker and avoid the stress and anticipation associated with real money games where the fear of winning or losing can spoil your fun. You can practice video poker online at, with 4 free games variants to get your strategy perfect!

Free Bonus Offers

Free Video Poker games are ready to play with no software download and most casino sites offer free casino credits just for signing up and playing the games. You can play all the popular variations for free for as long as you like, however some casinos normally place a time restriction on the free games after which you only have the option of playing with real money.

At players can read our Casino Reviews and find the best sites offering Free Video Games.

Variations of Video Poker Games

Check out the Top Featured Casinos at to explore unique variations of Video Poker Games. New players are advised to learn the difference between all these game variations and pay tables in order to find the best machine to suit their personal preferences and individual goals. New players can start by playing Free Video Poker Games in their simplest form such as the Jacks or Better Game which is easy to learn, with a proper strategy that is easy to master and without the complicated features such as bonus payouts and wild cards. Experienced players can explore the more exciting and challenging Video Poker Games with wild cards and bonus rounds such as Joker Poker and Deuces Wild for better winning opportunities.

Video Poker Game Varieties – The DifferencesVideo Poker

Although the games offered by the different online gaming software providers are largely similar with only minor differences, some of the Video Poker Games present vast variables. Some of the most common games include Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and similar variants. There are unique variants of Free Video Poker Games that you can try out in order to break from the monotony of routine games. You can play multi-hand games which allow you to play multiple hands at once, although the ability to bet more per hand is an interesting variable, it does not necessarily impact on the profitability of Video Poker Games.

Video Poker at Playtech Casinos

Visit Playtech-powered casinos and enjoy unique Video Poker Games such as Royal Flush. This game offers the Hi Loyal Flush version with the top five cards of the same suit ranging from ten to ace and the Lo Royal Flush version which has the bottom five cards of the same suit from two to six. Both versions offer a pay out of over 4000 coins but probability of either Royal Flush occurring is a fraction of a percent.

Video Poker at Cryptologic Casinos

Cryptologic Casinos offer a series of Video Poker Games known as Bonus Video Poker which allow players to place discarded cards back into the remaining deck. This innovative game is beneficial to the player because the players can be dealt the cards they had rejected and can receive a bonus payout of between 15% and 21% of the total amount wagered for that hand.

Video Poker at Microgaming Casinos

Play Free Video Poker Games at Microgaming such as the recently introduced Level Up Poker which automatically doubles the player’s payout if he wins the first round and advances to the next level.
Visit and check out the best sites offering unusual and exciting Video Poker Games.

Video Poker Games

Video PokerIf you are looking for some real casino action there are a wide variety of casinos where you can Play Online Video Poker for real money. Visit for a selection of the best sites offering real money games. You can play free Video Poker games to learn the basic rules of the game or you can register a real player account and deposit some funds to Play Online Video Poker for real money. Add a new dimension to your gambling session by trying out different variations of this exciting casino game!

Important Aspects of Real Money Video Poker Games

Some of the most important considerations to take into account before you start to Play Online Video Poker for real money is to select a site that is licensed and registered by an independent and reputable regulatory body. Choose a site that relies on top notch security systems such as the renowned 124 bit SSL digital encryption technology in order to ensure the safety of all your financial transactions. Other critical aspects include the speed of the games, the quality of graphic and the type of software that powers the site. Read the comprehensive online casino reviews at to help you find the best sites where you can Play Online Video Poker for real money in order to win some great cash rewards.

How to Play Online Video Poker

Video Poker is considered to be a game that combines skill and luck. It is a relatively simple game to learn, especially if you have the 5-draw poker game. In order to win the great prizes on offer players must attempt to achieve the best possible hand. It is important for new players to learn how to Play Online Video Poker to understand the various poker hands, to learn to select the appropriate amount of wager and to apply basic strategies that will increase their winning odds. You can Play Online Video Poker in many different exciting variations such as the multi-hand varieties which are designed to improve a player’s chances of winning and to make the game more entertaining particularly for high rollers.

Video Poker Bonus

Most online casinos also offer players the chance to play free Video Poker games with free casino cash or game bonuses. Read the terms and conditions so that you are familiar with the wagering requirements. When you download and install the casino software you receive a Welcome Bonus and other offers such as No Deposit Bonuses or Match Bonuses.

Play Online Video Poker for real money at our Top Features and explore the elements of pure luck and strategy that this game commands.

How to Play Video Poker

Play Video PokerLearning How to Play Video Poker has been made much easier at Join our growing community of online gambling enthusiasts and read our comprehensive Strategy Guide which offers detailed guidance on the rules of the game and the betting strategies which you can apply to reduce the house edge. Play Free Video Poker Games to help you get comfortable with the game first before you start playing for real money. Although you cannot influence the outcome of a spin, learning How to Play Video Poker with the optimal strategy can help you lower the house edge, and possibly even beat the house!

How to Play Video Poker

Playing Free Video Poker Games will help you to understand how the game is played. The rules of Video Poker are principally the same as that of traditional Draw Poker and the same basic strategies apply. Learning How to Play Video Poker is relatively easy, the first step involves the machine dealing a set of five cards on the screen. Players are required to select and retain cards of their choice by pressing the “hold” button and then to press the “deal” button which automatically discards the unwanted cards to replace them with a new set of cards. The outcome of a player’s final hand after hitting the draw button determines the value of the payout that he receives and players can see the payouts on the front of the machine.

Video Poker Pay Tables

When you begin to learn How to Play Video Poker you will realise that one the greatest advantage of playing this game is that it gives players the opportunity to determine the return of the game by simply referring to the pay tables displayed on the front of the machine. Learn How to Play Video Poker by using software programs, books and strategy cards which will help you to determine the payouts for each pay table in order to ensure that you play at a machine that gives you the best possible return.

Video Poker Strategy

Each game has its own strategy, for instance, the strategy for Deuces Wild is not the same as that for Jacks or Better. Playing Free Video Poker Games will help you to learn the differences between the games, the mathematical strategy for each game, and what sets them apart. There are many exciting Video Poker games available online at it is definitely worth trying out the different variations. Here at we help our readers by providing them with excellent charts, gaming tips, strategy guides and rule guides that will help you learn How to Play Video Poker much faster!