Cat memes in search of inspiration

When my brother and I were still kids our Mum got fed up with us fighting all the time, so the next time our family cat had kittens she gave us one each and told us we were responsible for them. It worked, surprisingly. Years later, when I moved out of home and got myself a kitten, I named him Eric after my brother. The whole family had a lot of fun in the early days, with me yelling at the boisterous little cat ‘No, Eric!’, ‘Bad Eric!’, etc., all the time. Even now I like turning my cat pics into ‘Eric’ memes and forwarding them to my brother. Of course, he got back at me eventually when he adopted a puppy and named him Andy.

Right now I’m browsing cat memes in search of inspiration for new ways to tease my brother. I haven’t got a clue how the owners of all these funny cats get them to do exactly what the owners want. Now my cat is as funny as they come, but I haven’t got a chance in hell of making him wear glasses or a hat, or sit in front of a computer with an appropriate expression, or just to sit still for more than a moment.

sweet pets

Even as I’m looking at the cat memes, my mischievous cat is cavorting next to my desk, as if trying to compete with the funny cats on the screen for sheer entertainment value. Not only is it hard to concentrate but I have to watch him closely. It’s all I can do to stop Eric the cat from crashing the computer by stepping on random keys on the keyboard, or unplugging the computer altogether, or causing mayhem in countless other ways. The human Eric hasn’t been this bad since he was fifteen.

A bird outside the window has captured Eric the cat’s attention, and he races outside. Time for me to play a few games at whichever of the best online casinos is offering free spins or a no deposit bonus tonight. I guess you can find them at any old microgaming casinos, but top casinos offer some kind of special deal all the time. The best microgaming casinos often have better games as well. I spot a no deposit casino bonus, and have a look around before getting into the game. No sign of Eric, so I can play uninterrupted for once.

I’ve been having fun at the microgaming casinos for quite a while. Here are some more free spins! I’ve got no idea what my cat is up to but I trust he’s having fun, and so am I. Oops, I said it too early. I’ve just spotted a no deposit bonus at another of the best online casinos when Eric is pulling on my pants leg, demanding to be fed. Better wrap it up, then. ‘I’ll get some cat memes out of you yet!’, I tell the cat, but he’s too busy gobbling his food to care.

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