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Welcome to VideoPokerAussie.Com. For those of you whom are not fully knowledgeable when it comes to gambling terms, Video Poker is similar to regular 5 card poker played in casino. The main difference is that Video Poker is played online and on a machine that looks similar to those of a Slot Machine. Many players enjoy the game as it is a pleasant mixture of both Slots and Poker. This mixes things up a bit and a changeable challenge is always welcome with regular gamblers. The casinos that Video Poker Aussie offers to visitors have the best Video Poker games in Canada. Some of our casinos even offer tutorials for those of you whom are unfamiliar with the game. We want you to have the best gaming experience and so we cater to everyone’s needs. VideoPokerAussie.Com has provided casinos that players can profit from and enjoy at the same time. Because Video Poker is one of the best games to play online, free plays can be selected in order to get you into the swing of the game before placing bets. Why not visit a casino here at VideoPokerAussie.Com and see how much you can walk away with or how much fun brings you back.